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, but the temples are open for massage from morning to evening all days. If you should wish to book another massage later, you will have to either pay a deposit of 350 kr per guest or the whole amount for the new massage beforehand, if you have previously not showed up for a massage. Please remember to tell us whether you want to receive a massage in Copenhagen, Odense, or Aarhus and it is a good idea to have your calendar ready so we can find an alternative time for you, if the time you request is not available. Remember always to book in advance if you wish to receive a massage it is not possible to just turn up and have massage. You can also call us outside our office hours, but then it will not always be possible for us to answer your call. Furthermore, the oil is very nourishing for your skin.

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You can see our FAQ to read the answers to the most common questions. . Det er ikke altid, vi kan besvare dit opkald udenfor kontortiden, men du kan lægge en besked, og så kontakter vi dig når vi er ved tlf igen. Vores bookingtelefon er åben for tidsbestilling, workshoptilmelding og spørgsmål i hverdagene mellem 10-16 på tlf nr (45) 71991102. You are welcome to take a shower after the massage, but we advise you to just wipe off the oil with a towel to allow the experience time to settle within your body, so to speak. Læs mere om hvordan du booker en tid til en tantramassage her, om tantramassage til mænd her, om tantramassage til kvinder her, om tantramassage til par her, og om priser her. Vi har Tantra Templer. Please tell us, when you make a booking, if you have any allergies, in order for us to prepare the room according to your needs. We are looking forward for seeing you for a wonderful massage in the Tantra Temple! gratis fjams tantra templet københavn We also draw your attention to the fact that we cannot be held responsible if you choose not to consult a doctor or choose not to follow his/her instructions. Tantra Templet er et internationalt miljø med både danskere og udlændinge. We have candles in the massage room, and use either organic coconut oil or a specially mixed massage oil for the massage. We kindly request that you arrive at the time we have agreed on and not before, as we do not have a waiting room and it is not always possible for us to receive you before the agreed time, as our masseurs. Udenfor bookingtelefonens åbningstid bliver du stillet videre til de enkelte templer. Bemærk: Du kan ikke smse til vores hovednummer. .


Tantra Techniques From Exotic India. Disclaimer: Please notice that even though there are many beneficial and curative effects of a tantra massage within all aspects of life, a tantra massage cannot replace a medical treatment, and if you have physical or psychic problems. When you arrive for your massage in one of our Temples, we have a calculated enough time to talk before the massage, for the massage itself, and for a further talk afterwards. We advise you to carefully read our information about tantra massage for men, tantra massage for women, or tantra massage for couples, before you come for a massage in one of the Temples. . It is not necessary for you to bring anything when you come for a massage we have sheets, towels, and everything else needed. . Before you book a time for a massage in the Tantra Temple: If you are a woman, it is a good idea to reflect upon whether you wish to receive a massage from a man. Cancellations later than 24 hours before a massage are regarded as a no show, unless you have another agreement with. Cancellation/no show policy : If you do not show up for the booked time for massage we will charge a fee of 350 kr per booked guest, to cover expenses, time spent and lost earnings. You are also very welcome to write to us at or call us at (45) on weekdays between 10am 4pm if you have any questions. We wash the sheets and towels with neutral/allergy friendly laundry soap but if you have any problems with candles, scents/perfume or detergent, you are welcome to let us know when you book a massage, and we will find a solution suitable for you. If you need to cancel your massage, always try to call us and if you cannot reach us, please mail. Hvis du ønsker en massage hos os enten i dag eller i morgen, så tøv ikke med at ringe til os selvom det er udenfor kontortiden. It is not possible to see pictures of our masseurs before you book a time for a massage but all our masseurs are carefully selected, gratis fjams tantra templet københavn have good hearts, a long education in tantra and tantra massage, a harmonious appearance. gratis fjams tantra templet københavn